We are cultural placemakers with a passion for making great places for people to live, work, play, meet, discover and experience.

We work with interdisciplinary teams to provide the best strategic solutions and deliver innovative public spaces and engaging cultural experiences.

Our work provides tangible social and economic outcomes by building genuine connections between people and place, enriching and enhancing sites, and drawing new audiences and visitors.


arts and culture strategy / cultural policy /creative partnerships / public art and integrated design / cultural programs and projects / interpretative heritage assets / media and marketing

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    Privacy statement

    The purpose of this privacy notice is to let visitors to the Secrete Estate website know what information is collected about them when they visit Secrete Estate webpages, how the information is used and whether or not it is disclosed. This does not cover non-Secrete Estate webpages.

    Collecting personal information

    Secrete Estate does not collect or solicit any personal information via the Secrete Estate website which might be unlawful, unnecessary, excessive or unrelated to the functions or activities of the university.

    1. Record of your visit

    When you visit the Secrete Estate website, a record is generated about your visit which will be used for statistical purposes. Information collected includes:

    • your server address
    • your top-level domain name (for example, .com, .gov, .au, .uk, etc.)
    • the date and time of your visit
    • the pages you accessed and documents downloaded
    • the previous site you visited, and
    • the type of browser you used.

    2. Use of cookies

    Secrete Estate may also collect personal information and other data from you through the use of a cookie or other automated means (such as server logs or proxy logs). A cookie is a packet of data that a website stores on your computer to identify you as a visitor to that website. You can choose to disallow cookies by changing settings on your web browser.

    Examples of the type of information that might be collected by Secrete Estate through cookies include:

    your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address
    the date, time and duration of each interaction on our website(s), using, for instance, a numbered key (a unique server-generated number used to identify the current session)
    the pages you view, the campaign sites you interact with, the online tools you use and the documents you download, and
    the previous site visited and the type of browser used.
    Unique identifiers are also used to store information about users’ preferences and enable the dynamic display of the site according to your preferences when you return.

    3. Online request forms

    Where the Secrete Estate website provides electronic forms that allow you to request particular information from the us, personal information is only requested in order for Secrete Estate to respond to your inquiry.

    Where your contact details are being specifically collected for marketing purposes and to recruit students, see the student marketing and recruitment privacy notice.

    Using and disclosing personal information

    Personal information collected as a result of your visit to the Secrete Estate website, through an online request form or emailed inquiry, will only be used for the purposes it was collected for as defined above, including statistical analysis. Information may also be used where required as part of an investigation into alleged breaches of Secrete Estate rules, policies or where required or permitted by law.

    Information will only be disclosed where required or permitted by law.

    Publishing personal information on the Secrete Estate website

    Secrete Estate will only publish personal information on the Secrete Estate website if it has been collected for this purpose with your knowledge or if you have consented to the disclosure. When giving such consent you should be aware that information published on the Secrete Estate website is accessible to millions of users world-wide, that it will be indexed by search engines and that it may be copied and used by any web user. This means that once information is published on the Secrete Estate website, Secrete Estate has no control over its subsequent use and disclosure.

    Managing personal information

    Information collected via the Secrete Estate website will be stored securely and will only be retained for the purposes for which it was collected, and in line with legal retention requirements.

    You have a right to access personal information or amend inaccurate information held about you. Further information can be found at your privacy at Secrete Estate.